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Our model reviews are the first stage of the buying process when drivers discover the specific features of each vehicle and narrow down their selection. You may or may not come to an ultimatum on the Audi that you want until you test drive your favorites. However, we have provided some general information to help guide you on your journey.

Audi Model Reviews & Comparisons

Style and Performance-Oriented

Audi is known not only for being a trendy luxury brand but also for the performance of its automobiles. The high-end Audi vehicles compete with the best of the best on the track. Drivers love the stable ride and agile handling. After all, these vehicles were made to tear up the AutoBahn. Audi is known for outdoing its competitors by this margin that hits a unique spot in a lineup of cookie-cutter engineering.

Let's not forget that Audi invented the water-cooled engines that are used in almost every combustion engine produced today. Their ambition to engineer and improve upon their predecessors by breaking the rules is what makes them so attractive. Audi models are engineered for the track and daily driving, so you get that ideal balance of power and control.

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