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2013 Audi allroad Puts a New Spin on Practical

Most of us know that a review of a vehicle normally comes from the driver's perspective. By that we mean that car reviewers are generally driving the auto and therefore have a bias towards that particular position. While Audi San Diego certainly deems it important to know how it feels to actually drive a new model, we believe back-seat passengers offer up a unique perspective as well.

Enter: one Montreal Gazette reviewer's finicky…
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Audi Confirms Arrival of 2013 Q5 Hybrid

Perhaps you'll remember rumors circulating saying that Audi is gearing up to finally bring its Audi Q5 Hybrid to United States shores. Well, Audi San Diego is pleased to share that Audi has put the rumors to rest and confirmed the model's arrival for this fall.


Before the innovative Q5 gas-electric fusion hits dealership lots, such as 9010 Miramar Rd in San Diego, CA, we think it wise to inform the San Diego…

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Audi Says it Will be #1 by 2020

Audi is not afraid to stay ahead of the game - in fact it's their goal. You'll notice this in the form of dramatic redesigns, innovative technologies and new models, that is. The designation at stake: "Number-One Automaker in the World".


Don't get us wrong, we're not complaining. Nor do we think the discerning luxury drivers who have chosen to adopt the Audi lifestyle are disappointed. The competition is to car buyer…

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U.S. Audi Sales Hit Record Highs this July

A temperatures rise with the season, Audi is getting hotter, as well. This July, Audi U.S. sales spiked to well over 11-thousand units, setting an all-time monthly high. Among the new Audi models experiencing the strongest demand are the premium Audi A8, A7, A6, and Q7.


Audi San Diego is even prouder to say that this monthly victory represents only a small fragment of Audi's larger success. Counting July, Audi has reported 19…

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