Audi is not afraid to stay ahead of the game - in fact it's their goal. You'll notice this in the form of dramatic redesigns, innovative technologies and new models, that is. The designation at stake: "Number-One Automaker in the World".


Don't get us wrong, we're not complaining. Nor do we think the discerning luxury drivers who have chosen to adopt the Audi lifestyle are disappointed. The competition is to car buyer's advantage.


Audi San Diego is happy to tell you, it isn't expected to let up anytime soon, either - even in spite of the automaker's announcement to downshift the aggressive speed of their original goal of 2015. While the date might be flexible, model and segment diversification from Audi in the 2013 model year and beyond are a guarantee.


Why, then, extend the target date to 2020?


While Audi is thriving they still remain optimistically cautious about the future. The truth is, they might be achieving success now; but the overall automotive industry is not exactly what you'd call thriving.


Ultimately, Audi is playing it safe. With a title like the "#1 Automaker in the World" at stake, we think that's probably for the best…. And, just between you and us, we believe they have a pretty good shot of blowing their new target date completely out of the water. Only time will tell.


Be sure to stay tuned and keep up to date on all future developments. Audi San Diego located conveniently at 9010 Miramar Road in San Diego, CA is dedicated to keeping you informed. And remember you can always explore all of the advanced performance, addictive innovations and sleek silhouettes waiting to woo you via our interactive new Audi inventory and state-of-the-art showroom.

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