Most of us know that a review of a vehicle normally comes from the driver's perspective. By that we mean that car reviewers are generally driving the auto and therefore have a bias towards that particular position. While Audi San Diego certainly deems it important to know how it feels to actually drive a new model, we believe back-seat passengers offer up a unique perspective as well.

Enter: one Montreal Gazette reviewer's finicky father. Before taking his father on a first-drive in the 2013 Audi Allroad, auto writer David Booth notes, "My dad is half-blind, doesn't drive anymore and is often reduced to the rear seat...and yet he's as good a judge of cars as many autojournalitsts."1

How did the allroad measure up? The allroad outperforms from the backseat as well. Puns aside, Booth's father found the revived Audi model to offer remarkably smooth yet deceivingly powerful performance while also bringing creature comforts to perfection.

To the performance end, the new Audi auto boasts a smaller, turbocharged 2.0 four-cylinder. We note the engine's power to be "deceiving" given that its turbocharged technology allows it to feel and work like a much larger V6. Thanks to the model's eight-speed transmission, the allroad also achieves a delightfully glossy ride and equally pleasing fuel economy.

Of course, performance is nothing without a comfortable space to enjoy it. Back-seat riders note that the model's air flow is second to none while technology, such as Audi Connect, gives it the smarts necessary to achieve success in today's market.

Mix these attributes in with a whole load of practicality (782 liters of cargo space to be exact...) and Audi San Diego has a feeling you'll find the 2013 Audi allroad to be pleasing from any and every perspective. To gather up further information regarding the allroad or any new Audi model, stop by Audi San Diego at 9010 Miramar Road in San Diego, CA anytime.

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